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I am a Filipina expat married to a Dutchman and a first timer mom to our three years old son, living in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. I love flower photogaphy, I love to cook, and I love writing. Writing for me is a form of release and relief.  TO VIEW AND TO ORDER ANY OF MY CALENDARS please click this link: http://www.calvendo.co.uk/galerie/autor/maggy-baas-san-jose/

22 June 2017

The feeling of being able to make a winning photo!

Today. An exciting day. Tomorrow, will be the opening of the photo exhibit "Vlaardingen door de lens van..." I am very happy that my photo will be there, hanging at Kade 40. I can't almost believe it that I was able to make a winning photo! Even I have a very busy day, I was also able to make new flower photos. I am full of excitement! When I get back to blog, I am bringing fresh photos from the photo exhibit. Please hang on and I love to share with all of you that special event. Almost weekend now, so I want to end this up by saying: have a nice weekend!

21 June 2017

When in doubt...

There is no fear, there is no doubt, for those who anchor theirselves to the beauty of life. -Maggy

When in doubt... Doubt means uncertainty, doubt, reservation. Have you ever felt that you are in doubt? To something, such as your existence, the meaning of your life, or with your feelings. That is why, there is a phrase that says: "love without reservation." To love with all our hearts. Sky is the limit! Hahaha! I have written a few weeks ago about sadness. That even the happiest people in the world feel sad too. Now, my heart whispers to write something about doubt, about uncertainty. I know mostly can relate. What are some few simple things we can do to help us clear our minds, put off those uncertainties, and come back again to our senses? I took note some and I hope it can help you too.

1. When in doubt, zoom out to the big picture. Sometimes, it is the doubt that makes us feel so little, so small. Sometimes, it is the doubt that lets us to people makes us inferior. Zoom out, try to see life in a larger picture. Don't let doubt paralyzed you to move, explore, and grow.

2. When in doubt, tell yourself that it is okay to be an imperfect. In this imperfect world where imperfect people expect perfection, it invariably comes from ourselves the anchor to make a stable and decisive decision. Decide and just be aware of the results and even for the consequence.

3. Focus on the good in your life, reflect your past accomplishments, talk about it with your spouse or with someone whom you trusted. Sometimes, all the good things happened in our life in the past get vanish once doubt starting to shape in our minds. It can deteriorate our way of thinking and how we view the future. A good talk with someone can help.

4. It says that you are not guaranteed a "good" outcome, but there is a treasure even in a "bad" outcome if you know how to look. Yes, any bad outcome can be a life's learning experience. We can walk through them, and even how hard the hit was of that bad outcome, life continues and we should deal with it wisely this time.

5. The Bible and prayer. If you would ask me, I would say that, for countless times, I have proven it that a single Bible verse can lighten up my thoughts, and a prayerful attitude can turn the doubt into a secured feeling. When I am in doubt, I found what the Philippians 4:6, 7 very comforting, so reassuring. As I am writing this blog, I have the sense of contentment in my heart. 

15 June 2017

Stadsgehoorzal Vlaardingen, History And Theater

The musical stage play of Pip and Pim

Me and my son in front of the Stadsgehoorzal

The legendary Fieperdepiep Double Decker Bus

In 1817 the Harmonie (The Little Room) settled in the already existing film theater 'Het Zeepaard' on the Schiedamseweg in Vlaardingen. In the halls, a gentlemen's society regularly meets for formal and informal meetings. In the garden of the Harmony there are garden parties in the summer and there is a stage show in the hall. This is now the Stadgehoorzal in Vlaardingen. The story continues...
In 1952, the city auditorium designed by Sybold of Ravesteyn opens its doors. The Stadshoorzaal becomes the heart of Vlaardingen in the field of theater. Until the 1990s, the building remained virtually the same for a few minor adjustments. It was only in 1992 that the theater was transformed into theater and in 1998 the theater café made a thorough refurbishment. In the years that follow, there are various discussions about what to do with the aging building. The building designed by Sybold of Ravesteyn no longer meets the fire safety regulations. Several questions are raised: Should the building be thoroughly refurbished, or will it be demolished and will the Vlaardingen Theater be located elsewhere in Vlaardingen? Ultimately, B & W chooses a thorough refurbishment. From 2005 to 2007, the Stadshoorzaal closes its doors for a complete renovation of both the exterior of the building and the interior. On September 12th 2007 the festive opening of the new theater takes place, where it retains its old name: Stadsgehoorzaal Vlaardingen.

The Stadsgehoorzal  Vlaardingen is more than just a theater. The Stadsgehoorzal  characterizes itself as the theater before, by and with the Vlaardingers. Before the renovation, the theater was also called 'The living room of Vlaardingen'. The Stadsgehoorzal  still wants to keep the local people, but also tries to reach out the people through the use of various marketing campaigns. The Stadsgehoorzal  devotes great attention to the big artists, but also less famous artists are given a chance at the theater. The organization tries to give new talent a chance by including them in the program. The program of the Stadsgehoorzal is versatile. There are performances in the area of ​​cabaret, miniature art, dance, theater, show, and  musical. In addition to all the shows that can be seen, the different rooms in the Stadsgehoorzal  can also be rented. Before the renovation there were three important areas in the Stadsgehoorzal , the Grote Zaal, the Kleine Zaal and the Theatercaf√©. After the renovation, three extra special spaces have been added. There is a VIP Lounge, a Glaze Foyer and a Foyer. All these spaces can be used for meetings, courses, receptions or lectures.

My first visit at Staadsgehoorzal was when I accompanied my son to their educational day watching the musical play Pip and Pim, as well as the Fieperdepiep Festival. The highlight was our free ride in the 100 years old double decker red bus "Fieperdepiep Bus" that for my son was something unforgettable. I am sharing this experience through some of our photos.

Playing space at the Theater Cafe

The corner for those children who like to show their art work.

Mother and son, at the top of the double decker bus. A short city tour.

My son never neglect our bus ticket :)

My son still remember this experience of riding in a double decker bus.

11 June 2017

Great Life Takes Time

Take time to savor the stillness of life, the clearing echoes of silence.

You cannot appreciate happiness if you have never experienced sadness.
You cannot appreciate light, if you have never experienced darkness.
Life is composed of ups and downs, of losing and of winning.
When trials and hard times comes, it is easy to give up.
But carry on, cling on to your dear life.
There is always sunshine after the rain.
There is always a smile after crying.
Look around, healing requires time.
Do not permit people to enter into your life, those people who just
put salt in the wound.
Take time to find out the beauty from something ordinary.
Take time to savor the stillness of life, the clearing echoes of silence.
The beauty of just sitting alone, with an awe of the clear blue sky,
or just being nonchalant.
But never lose your hold to life and relationship.
You hold with your faith in God and your relationship to the people you love... and love you back.

10 June 2017

This Year's Summer In Our Home Garden

Summertime is always a special season in the Netherlands. People are flocking to the garden center to buy plants and other garden needs. The gloomy and cold months are for the meantime is over, and everyone are happy again to spend time outdoor. That is why, we too, making our home garden looks very summer, colorful, vibrant. This morning, I was able to make some flower photos in our garden. I especially dedicate these photos to the supporters of my page, they are also a flower lover.

08 June 2017

"Even The Happiest People Get Lonely Too"

Even the happiest people in the world get lonely too! Do you believe that too? I do. Because even I, known as a happy person with a happy disposition currently succumbs to a kind of sadness, that it started to scare me that I feel drowned in sadness that will end up in a severe depression. How it all started? I am trying to recall situations and events that lead me to this, but the things that are clouding my mind are the things that get or became monotonous to me. I am a plain housewife, as plain as a plain bread, plain white, and dull as seems to be. I do not abhor nor hate this role, in fact, I feel that this is the reason of my existence. My husband is not to blame for this, he is still the best husband for me, he even tries to mitigate the situation, and I just feel that it is only in my head. I am trying my best to become productive as much as I can, in anyway I can, but there are times that the sadness I feel creeping on me, leaving me blank and empty. I was planning to call my doctor or a health professional in this case, but then, when I feel happy again, I set aside the plan. As I am typing these words, I feel my struggles to remain a happy person for the sake of my family and for myself too. Still too early for me to feel that it is a middle life crisis! On my free time, I write, I photograph, but I feel they are not enough... But then, I am writing this, because writing my feelings is always my form of release and relief.

04 June 2017

The Educational Archeological Heritage Broekpolder

The house at my back is the house from the so-called Vlaardingen Culture (approx. 3,000 BC) a reedwood construction from the New Stone Age or "neolithic". At the far, is my son, curious with the old canoe.
An inviting view.

At the request of the Federation Broekpolder Foundation, which aims to strengthen the culture and nature of the Broekpolder, ADC Heritage established a Program of Requirements for the establishment of an Educational Archaeological Heritage. The goal is to revive the rich archaeological past of Vlaardingen and its surroundings in a low-threshold way for educational purposes. This is achieved by building a number of buildings from prehistory, Roman times, Middle Ages and early modern times in a landscape belonging to the specific building periods. The Educational Archaeological Heritage has a green and playful. In the past, it was used with natural building materials that came from the immediate area. Each period of time has its own landscape type, which will give the natural values ​​in the Broekpolder a further boost. The Educational Archaeological Heritage, part of the "Integraal Inrichtingplan Broekpolder", is being realized in cooperation with the University of Leiden and the municipality of Vlaardingen. I have made some photos when we visited this afternoon the Educational Archeological Heritage in Broekpolder. Again, I have seen how rich this old city where I live both in history in culture. It amaze me how the remnants from the past era were keep safe and preserved. Please enjoy again the photos that I have made.